do normal grownups with children have friends

like neighborhood friends that they actually hang out and spend time with

how do you get those exactly

do you just kind of wander around the neighborhood with your children until you happen to run into another adult who has similar interests



how does this happen


Sunday, 10 - 08 - 2014

#this has been a pointless update on my life #socially awkward #i'm just feeling really alone lately #i have like no support system right now #and we're about to move to a new community so it's hard to convince myself to try #when i'm leaving in like 3 months #but last time i was pregnant my college friends still lived in town #and they threw me a shower and were interested in my life and excited about my baby #besides a couple relatives and one very kindhearted college boy Husband works with #nobody has asked if we need help #nobody has offered a shower #not even at church #probably ignore this #i'll delete later
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  1. drnucleus said: My friend who has kids did this in her neighborhood. They live in a cul-de-sac and so the neighbors all get together and do “sac parties” and barbecue’s. I guess you kinda just invite them over for a party and invite the kids too?
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    You make friends with the parents of your children’s friends. Every adult relationship I have now is through my...
  3. mediumsizedfountain said: I feel you. Not only is it mysterious and difficult, but like, I have 4 kids and a busy life. Who has time to “hang out” and meet new pals?
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  5. nenny89 said: I wouldn’t be caught dead socializing with the uppity self-centered people in my neighborhood so I can’t help you there. As for the shower…I’ve always been told that was a first baby thing and then the subsequent children are just…well…*shrug*
  6. killianspirateprincess said: also if it makes you feel any better we never really had neighborhood friends either
  7. onceuponasongofice said: I don’t know, but if you find the answer please do tell. My husband and I don’t even have kids yet but we moved out of state and I think we forgot how to make friends…like how do you find friends after college?
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